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Welcome to the East European Cup Artistic Cycling

Welcome to the East European Cup Artistic Cycling

Welcome to the East European Cup Artistic Cycling

East European Cup
Artistic Cycling

Events 2018:

11 February 2018, Prague (Czech Republic)
Event location:
TJ Pankrac Praha, Lomnickeho 1, Praha 4 – 140 00 (Czech Republic)

3 March 2018, Romhany (Hungary)
Event location:

21 July 2018, Kolarovo (Slovakia)
Event location:

27 October 2018, Nagybereg (Ukraine)
Event location:

About East European Cup Artistic Cycling

The East European Cup Artistic Cycling (EEC) is a competition series about four tournaments. The EEC is organised in cooperation of artistic cycling clubs from the Czech Republic, from Hungary and Slovakia and from the Ukraine. The first EEC competitions series was held in 2015. Around the events workshops for coaches and judges are organised.

The clubs are supported by Indoor Cycling World Wide, a non-profit organisation that aims to strengthen the international development of indoor cycling.



Four events per year, one in each country. The events are international open, the aim is, that all tournaments should be registered as international competitions in the UCI calendar.


Disciplines and age groups

Disciplines: Single women, single men, pair women, pair open and artistic cycling team 4.
Age groups: U19 and elite.
Other disciplines and age groups (U11, U13, U15) may also participate at the events, but the results are not validated for the East European Cup.


EEC ranking

The three best results of the competition series count for the overall ranking of the East European Cup. Podium places will only be awarded if the riders take part in at least two of the four events. There is also a club-ranking.


Point scale

1st place: 10 points
2nd place: 9 points
3rd place: 8 points
and so on …
… for each competitor at least one point.